JHU-MICA Film Centre User Agreement


-The JHU-MICA Film Centre Film and Video Cage is a resource available to anyone taking courses at the Film Centre. We support: JHU Film and Media Studies BA, MICA Film and Video BFA, JHU Film and Media MA, MICA Filmmaking MFA. Non-majors enrolled in Film Centre courses will have access to Film Centre resources throughout the duration of the course, but will lose access when that course’s grades are due. 

 -The Film Centre equipment and facilities are available to patrons producing work for Film Centre classes. JHU-MICA equipment may never be used for personal profit, or to produce content for any business or organization, or classes outside the JHU-MICA Film Centre. Any student found violating this policy will have their cage access revoked.



Reservations, Checkouts, and Returns

-Reservations may only be made online at checkout.mica.edu. If you need assistance, there are computers outside the cage.
-Basic reservations are for checkouts not to exceed 4 days. 
-Back to back reservations of the same equipment will not be tolerated. Plan ahead and follow the procedure for making an extended reservation.
-Equipment is available for pickup only ONE hour from the time of the reservation. After this hour your reservation expires and you will be charged a fine (see below under fines).
-Equipment is checked by the cage on the way in and by the patron on the way out.
-As a patron, you will receive an itemized checkout receipt when you come to pick up gear. It is YOUR responsibility to check these items off the list and sign the following borrower's agreement:      

Borrower Agrees: I have checked the detailed list above and agree that these items, being checked out by me, are present at the time of checkout. I will return these items at or before the date and time specified above, and am aware of the late fees of up to $25 per day, per item, that accrue if items are returned late. I am aware that if these items are lost or damaged at return, I am responsible for the JHU-MICA Film Centre's costs to repair or replace these items. 

-Upon return, your gear will be checked by the cage using the same checkout receipt from before. Please allow time for the cage to do a quick check that everything is present before leaving. The cage will email patrons with any issues found during a more thorough check of the equipment.  
-The Film Centre has limited camera resources. To make things fair we require that each student reserve only reserve one camera at a time. For group projects, each camera operator must reserve the camera they will be using on said project.   

More intensive requests should be addressed via our Film Centre Production Form (found in the reservation system) to be approved by the appropriate professor/director. Please say who the approving professor is in your request. Help us help you, the more we know the better we can assist. 



-We do accept equipment renewals over the phone and in person. You must call (or come in) to renew no later than 1 hour before equipment is due. There is no guarantee that the equipment will be available to renew so be prepared to return it on time. Renewals extend your checkout by 24 hours and you are allowed 1 per checkout.


-Extensions must be planned 1 week ahead and submitted via the Film Centre Production Form (see above: Reservations, Checkouts, and Returns).


-EACH item will be billed $2 EVERY HOUR it is late and your account will be put on hold until the fine is paid. Tier III items like the Arri Amira, Red Scaret, and Canon C500 accrue fines at $15/hour. 
-Reservations that are not picked up during the scheduled time without notifying the cage an hour in advance @ 410-462-7592 will be billed $25 and your account will remain on hold until the fee is paid.
-The fines accrued may not exceed the total value of the equipment as stated on the checkout receipt.
-Equipment that is returned over 2 weeks late will be considered purchased by the user. The user will be billed for the total value of the equipment as stated on the checkout receipt.
-Students can pay only pay fines by credit/debit card. If this isn’t possible the fine will be sent to student accounts.
-All fines MUST be dealt with before new equipment is checked out.
-Only cage managers can remove fines. Do not try to persuade the student workers.



-Students are responsible for the return of all equipment and facilities in working order.
-Students are responsible for returning equipment packed in a safe manner. If the cage employee deems the packing of gear as insufficient the gear will remain checked out to the patron until it is sufficiently packed. If this causes the equipment to become late, the patron is responsible for the associated fines. 
-Students are responsible for replacing any missing or broken items costing under $100. This includes wires, cables and lens caps. 
-If equipment costing under $200 is lost or damaged, students are liable for up to $200 to replace or repair the equipment. For items that exceed $200, the student is responsible for paying $200 plus 10% the cost of the replacement/repair up to $2,500.
-Replacement and repair costs will be charged to the student's account or paid by credit card.  
-Access to production equipment may be revoked if the Film Centre staff finds that equipment isn't being handled with care and respect.