Baltimore Filming Resources

Equipment Rental

Aside from the equipment available from the JHU/MICA Film Centre cage, the following equipment houses provide resources to local film productions:

Charm Cine: "CharmCine provides Baltimore and DMV area filmmakers with the best rental selection of high-end motion picture and television cameras, lenses, and accessories on the market today. Our inventory includes top brands such as Arri, Red Digital Cinema, Canon, Sony, Zeiss, Schneider, and OConnor"

Serious Grip and Electric: "Serious Grip & Electric is a user-friendly grip and lighting rental house convenient to Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Our trucks are loaded and ready to go with grip and expendable packages aboard. A la carte and custom packages can be arranged."

Filming Locations

Baltimore Reel Scout: This online service provides a database of various filming locations around the city of Baltimore. You can search by the location's proximity to a certain part of town, the type of building, or even the building's style of archeticture.  

Maryland Reel Scout: This catalogue includes hundreds of locations throughout the state of Maryland. The Maryland Film Office can also be contacted for help finding a location: 

(410) 767-6340 or 1 (800) 333-6632.

Publicly-Funded Resources

Baltimore Film Office: "The Baltimore Film Office serves as the official liaison between production companies and city agencies, providing access to city services and expedited permits for the purpose of economic development. We also serve as liaison between production companies and businesses, crew and communities, engage in educational outreach and market Baltimore as a first class location for film production."

Maryland Film Office: "The Maryland Film Office is a marketing arm of the Maryland Department of Commerce. Our mission is to attract feature film, television, video and commercial production to shoot on-location in the state of Maryland. To facilitate this process we have gathered all the production information together in a central location to assist you in the process of shooting in Maryland."

Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance: "For artists, we provide resources including funding and professional development. For organizations, we help build audiences, strengthen community, and support workforce development. For the community at large, we work to ensure that arts and culture can be accessible to all."

Mandy Crew Network
"Mandy Crew USA is the leading jobs and networking website in the industry, posting thousands of job opportunities each year to 59,736 professional members."

MICA Career Resources
A compilation of over 60 videos, guidelines, and how-to's to help you best present your professional accomplishments. 

JHU Film and Media Studies Internship Database
Looking for an internship? Look no further! This shared spreadsheet is separated by city, including LA, New York, and Baltimore. 

MICA Network
MICAnetwork is our free online database listing opportunities from employers across the United States who are actively seeking to hire MICA students and alumni."



Ruby Artist Project Grants
A Baltimore-specfic grant that supports "the local creative community of performing, visual, media, and literary artists." 

Baker Awards
By creating an online profile, you can become eligible for several prizes. "To create a portfolio on the Baker Artist Portfolio site, you must be at least 21 years old and have been a legal resident of the Baltimore region since September 1, 2016."

PBS Resources for Filmmakers: Grants, Residencies, Fellowships
Numerous resources for areas all over the world!

New Media and Web Documentary Funding
Similar to the above link, but with a focus on new media forms. 

Vis Arts Center: Artist and Curator Opportunities
Based in Rockville, Maryland, this organization can be a great resource for anyone wanting to work or exhibit within a gallery space. 

Foundation Center
If you're looking to step-up your grant search (to start a theater company, video production collective, etc.) this a good place to begin. 

Grant Space
A subset of the Foundation Center that, unlike Foundation Center, is free to use! If you're curious about starting at non-profit or hunkering down to learn about grant-writing, this is the site for you. 

Creative Capital
Must be over 25 and cannot be enrolled as student. Good to keep on your radar for later!

Set & Prop Construction 

Station North Tool Library: This group provides construction tools and training for a small membership fee.

Open Works Baltimore: Provides fabrication tools and classes. 

MICA Fabrication Studios: MICA provides several workshops for students to create work, including two wood shops. 

Further Reading

Rocketjump Film School: Created by the filmmakers behind Netflix's Video Game Highschool and Hulu's Rocketjump: The Show, this group makes educational content for independent film. Their videos have an emphasis on small productions and creative solutions. 

No Film School: A collection of articles, tutorials, and filmmaker interviews from around the web.