Students have access to a large quantity of fluidhead tripods that range from lightweight models designed for DSLR use to heavy professional grade tripods designed for large production cameras.  In addition, they have access to weighted shoulder rigs as well as a Steadicam/Glidecam for handheld camera operating. 

Tripods and Support

Lightweight Tripods

Magnus VT-350

Manfrotto 128 LP head with 190XB Legs

Manfrotto 128 LP head with 190Xpro3 Legs

Manfrotto 3126 head with 3001 Legs

Miller SOLO DV10 Tripod System


Shoulder Rigs

Birns and Sawyer Shoulder Rigs

Shape Shoulder Rigs


Steadicam Merlin

Glidecam HD-4000

Tripod Dolly

Manfrotto Tripod Dolly

Apple Box


Fluid Head Lightweight Tripods

Manfrotto 701HDV Head with MVT502AM Legs

Manfrotto MVH502A Head with MVT502AM Legs

Fluid Head Professional Tripods

Manfrotto 504HD head with 535k Sticks

O'Conner 1030B Head with Manfrotto 536 MPRO Sticks

Sachtler 20 S1

Sachtler DV 8 SB Head with DA 75L Legs

Sachtler FSB 8 with Speed Lock 75 Legs

High Hats