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Nate Clapp is an instructor at MICA and a freelancer in film and video production. Since 1992, he has worked on a range of projects and crew sizes, from small Independant documentary crews to day-playing on major motion pictures.  He has been a member of International Cinematographer’s Guild (IATSE local 600) since 1997.  For many years, Nate Clapp worked as a professional Camera Assistant, and now works as a Director of Photography and Camera Operator.  He has an MA from American University in Film and Video.  

He has been in the industry long enough to see the transition from motion picture film to digital 4K (and higher) capture as well as the evolution of lighting gear and crew sizes, and the advantages and drawbacks of these changes. If anything, things have gotten more complicated from the point of view of the camera department. In addition to being good at lighting and operating, one must have more than a passing knowledge of codecs and color science. The modern DP must be a master of the technical while understanding it is all at the service of seamlessly telling a good story.  

The “State of the Art” by definition keeps changing, and like all good freelancers that are only as good as their last job, Nate Clapp has enjoyed the constant learning process required to stay on top of those relentless changes to maintain the skills required for today’s modern production crews.

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