JHU/MICA Film Centre - Beginning of the Semester - Faculty Needs Form

This form is required of all faculty teaching in the building. If you don't fill out this form it will make it much harder for our staff to assist you throughout the semester. 

Name *
Please fill out a separate form for each course if more than one requires special needs
Aside from your scheduled classroom, do you intend to use other classroom spaces? *
Do you require the use of production spaces for your class? *
Eg. Sound Stage, Recording Studio, Editing Suites, Copy Stand Room
Do you require checkouts from the cage for your class? *
Do you need a run-through of the classroom technology? *
We can also meet you 30 minutes before the start of your first class. Please specify.
Will you require Skype or web conferencing? *
Please specify if you require an AV cart with conference audio or if you're fine using the webcam on the computer in the classroom. (Skype is the easiest form of web conferencing at the Film Centre.)
Will you require multi-region DVD playback, multi-region Blu-Ray playback, VHS playback, or broadcast television for any of your classes? Please specify below any other special circumstances *
Please specify what you need that day.
I have read and understand all of the general Film Centre information below *
My MICA sponsored account is active and working. I can log into Film Centre computers, access the server, reserve classrooms etc. *
If you don't know your username email tevans01@mica.edu. To reset your password go to: https://chesapeake.mica.edu/identity/self-service/mica/kiosk.jsf
If I am a new hire, I have completed the Film Centre 'New Hire Checklist' with the assistance of my supervisor
I have emailed my syllabus to mcapello@jhu.edu *

JHU/MICA Film Centre - Beginning of the Semester - Production Faculty Needs Form

This form is required for any faculty members who are planning to use production equipment and/or facilities for class. The form above is required. You can not fill out this form in place of the form above. 

Name *
Please fill out a separate form for each course if more than one requires special needs.
I have looked through and understand what my students have access to by nature of being a Level I, Level II, or Level III production course. *
You can find our authorizations by copying and pasting: https://jhumicafilm.com/our-myturn-equipment/
How will you be reserving your production equipment or facilities for class? *
Do you intend to use any of the Film Centre production spaces below *
Eg. 6/23/18: Intro to Digital - Sound Stage - Basic lighting demo with the whole class from 2pm-4pm (including setup).
Do you intend to use Film Centre production equipment from the cage? *
Eg. 6/23/18: Intro to Digital - Same lighting package reserved for Intro to Digital at the beginning of last semester. 2:30pm-4pm.
I would like my students to have access to equipment or facilities they wouldn't normally have access to to complete class assignments *
These request will need to be negotiated with the Film Centre staff/directors and are often worked out by making temporary authorizations that only last as long as the students are working on a project.
Please be courteous of our limited resources and sensitive to finals time for our junior, senior, and graduate majors
I understand that as a production faculty I'm seriously encouraged to have a TA, GTA, or GTI *
This is so we can have a liaison between the production staff, the production faculty, and the students to present policies, procedures and help students with their equipment choices for various projects