How to Open A 2018 Adobe Premiere File on A 2017 System

Adobe Premiere projects are not backwards compatible. Adobe Premiere released 2018 recently. However, the Film Centre will remain on the 2017 version until further notice. This is a campus-wide policy, meaning all MICA computers will have the 2017 version.

If you are editing in on a 2018 version of Adobe Premiere at home, then when you come to the Film Centre your project file will not be able to open. To avoid this issue, you can re-install the 2017 version at home and insure that auto-updates are not installed.

In an extenuating circumstance, you can use the following work around to open a 2018 file on our 2017 systems. Keep in mind this method is best used only as an emergency solution:

  1. Duplicate the .prproj file you want to downgrade and name it temp_downgrade.prproj or something similar. This is so you don't alter your original file.
  2. Download Sublime Text. If the computer will not allow you to download it, seek out a cage employee for help. 
  3. Right click on temp_downgrade.prproj - open with - textwrangler.
  4. You should see a couple million lines of text- ignore it. You are looking for the 4th line. It will look like this:
    • <Project ObjectID="1" ClassID="62ad66dd-0dcd-42da-a660-6d8fbde94876" Version="29">
  5. Version=29 is what you have to change. The number could vary for your file. Simply set it to 1 so the whole line reads:
    • <Project ObjectID="1" ClassID="62ad66dd-0dcd-42da-a660-6d8fbde94876" Version="1">
  6. Save the changes you've made to the file.
  7. Open temp_downgraded.prproj like a normal premiere project. If you have both 2018 and 2017 versions, open 2017 - open as - click the file that you just made. Then you should be able to open your project (Yay!) 

Special thanks to Minji Kim for figuring this out!