FOr JHU Students: SeTting Up Your Mica Account


As a student enrolled in a course at the Film Centre, a myMICA account has been created so that you can access the many services at the Centre. Your account provides access to:

  • Film Centre Computers, loaded with professional filmmaking software.

  • Film Centre Server - Rosebud, which supports many of the production courses.

  •, the online learning platform for software.

  • WEBCHECKOUT where you can reserve filmmaking equipment for producing your class projects.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud - If you are a major in JHU’s BFA or MA in Film and Media Studies, you will have access to Adobe Creative Cloud. Click here for a guide to setting up your Adobe account.

  • If you enroll in a MICA course, you will need access to Canvas. MICA’s online learning platform where you can retrieve syllabi and collaborate with professors and classmates. Click here to go to Canvas.

    NOTE: Many of these services will require you to set up Dual Factor Authorization. Instructions on how to do this are on the sidebar of this page.

Setting up your myMICA account

You should have received an email called “Welcome to the JHU-MICA Film Centre” that includes an authorization code. Once you have that:

  • Go to MICA’s Account Management Gateway

  • Enter your MICA ID: xxxxxx

  • Enter your authorization code: xxxxxxx

  • Complete the CAPTCHA and click Submit

  • Create a password for your MICA Account

Technical Issues

For assistance in this process or general technical inquires, contact the MICA Help Desk at 410.225.2201 or

When you contact the MICA Help Desk, let them know that you are a JHU student at the Film Centre.

You can also contact Melissa Capello, the Film Centre Academic Program Administrator:

mcapello *at*